fig. Tech 6.17b The main supplementary-weft motif in the ragidup Cat 7.1. The back of the baoa or male end of the textile. The telltale fringe of where the original textile warp was cut and joined with the extended warp is evident at both ends of the textile, but only on one side. Lic p493

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Sandra Niessen - outline CV

Education | Employment | Freelance | Recent publications| Museum experience | Field experience | Languages

The Outline Curriculum Vitae below may be downloaded in pdf format (121K).


Ph.D. 1985 (cum laude): Anthropology, University of Leiden, Netherlands
drs. 1978: Anthropology, University of Leiden, Netherlands
M.A. 1977: Anthropology, University of Toronto, Canada
B.A. 1975: Anthropology, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


Employment history

2003-2009 Freelance
1992-2003 Associate Professor, University van Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
1987-1992 Assistant Professor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
1986-1987 Curator and Lecturer, Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
1983-1984 Lecturer, State University of Leiden, Netherlands


Freelance activities

Consulting anthropologist:
Indonesian textiles/craft/non-Western
Bergoord Publishing (home-based business)
Editing/translation/writing/publication management


Recent publications

Niessen, Sandra, 2009. Legacy in cloth: Batak textiles of Indonesia. Leiden: KITLV Press and Oosterbeek: Bergoord Publications. pp. 568, ills. 900.
Niessen, Sandra (ed), 2009. Rita Bolland, Curator of textiles. Tropenmuseum Bulletin 388, Amsterdam: KIT Publishers. pp. 88.
Niessen, Sandra, forthcoming (2010) Interpreting Civilization through Dress in the first international (10-volume) Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion Vol 8: West Europe, Part I: Overview of Dress and Fashion in West Europe. Oxford: Berg Publishers. 4,000 words.
Niessen, Sandra, forthcoming (2010). Batak Textiles In: Paths of Origins: Austronesia in the Collections of The National Museum of the Philippines, The Museum Nasional Indonesia and The Netherlands Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde, Purissima Benitez-Johannot (Editor). Singapore/Manila: ArtpostAsia. Two-page spread.
Niessen, Sandra, 2008. Les Étoffes Batak: L’Histoire de Deux Cultures In: Au Nord de sumatra Les Batak. Milan: 5 Continents Editions and Paris: Musée du Quai Branly.  pp. 55–71.
Niessen, S., Leshkowich, A.M and. Jones, C., 2003. Re-Orienting Fashion: The Globalization of Asian Dress. Oxford: Berg Publishers. pp. 283
See a list of all publications
See Guest lectures and symposium presentations


Museum experience:

Collection documentation:
Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Bronbeek Museum, Arnhem, Netherlands
Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Field Collection:
In Mexico, Japan and Indonesia for Department of Human Ecology Study Collection, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.
2007 The Gardener's House in the Heart of Oosterbeek / Het Tuinmanshuisje in het hart van Oosterbeek. DeBieb, Oosterbeek, Netherlands
2006 Woven Worlds / Wereld van Weefsels. Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, Netherlands
Association for the Study and Documentation of Textiles of Asia, Paris, France
Education Museum, The Hague, Netherlands
Tropenmuseum, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Museum of Ethnology, Basel, Switzerland
Quai Branly Museum, Paris
Museum of Natural History, Anthropology Department, University of Florence, Italy
Nusantara Museum, Delft, Netherlands
American Museum of Natural History, New York
South Asian Department, Ethnological Museum, Berlin, Germany
Ethnological Museum, Hamburg, Germany
Museum of World Cultures, Frankfurt, Germany
Rautenstrauch Joest Ethnographic Museum, Cologne, Germany
National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, Netherlands
Archive and Museum Foundation, United Evangelical Mission, Wuppertal, Germany
World Museum, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Field experience:

Indonesia (1979-80, 1986, 1990, 1995, 1996, 2003)
Mexico (1988, 1989)
Thailand (1995)
See detailed information on field experience.



English Mother tongue
Dutch Fluent
French Working knowledge
Indonesian Working knowledge

The Outline Curriculum Vitae above may be downloaded in pdf format (121K).

For any further information or a detailed professional resumé please contact me.

Education | Employment | Freelance | Recent publications| Museum experience | Field research | Languages