Legacy in cloth

Legacy in cloth promotion within an exhibition of some of Thomas Murray's private Batak collection at San Francisco shows, February 2010

Thomas Murray has told me that he primarily formed his Batak collection "through field collecting during the first part of the 1980's and from early missionary and civil servant collections that came on to the market in Holland about the same time...and which, although far from comprehensive, seems to have focused on pieces of significant rarity and aesthetic quality with an emphasis on the Lake Toba area".

As I said in my blog of February 2 2010:  Batak textiles at SF Arts of the Pacific Asia Show

"Yesterday evening, just as the sun was glowing red on the San Francisco horizon, Thomas Murray, the well-known collector and dealer of Asian art, and I arrived at the Festival Pavilion of Fort Mason. Tom had wanted to give me a sense of the place and where I would be situated when I sell Legacy in cloth at the Arts of Pacific Asia Fair this coming weekend.

We had spent the entire day, and the day before, reviewing his Batak textile collection. To my great joy, Tom agreed to make his textiles available for the exhibit that the fair organizers are developing for my book. It is a thrill for me to have one of the best collections in the world of Batak textiles accompany me at this event.

Tom and I agree that Batak textiles have not yet received the attention that they clearly deserve. The subtle, quiet beauty of the old pieces require contemplative appreciation of their detail. We are hopeful that when Legacy in cloth is displayed -- as it will be -- at the entrance of the fair where every single visitor will see it, and when a great number of the textile categories described within the book are illustrated -- as they will be -- with top-quality examples from Tom's collection, Batak textiles will make their entry on the radar of aficionados of Asian art. (See photo gallery of Legacy being promoted against a background of Tom's collection.)"

See my Sandra Niessen's blog for Jan and Feb 2010 re my participation in the San Francisco Arts of Pacific Asia and the Tribal Arts and Textiles shows