Leo Schenk, Director of the Tropenmuseum and joint host of the launch of 'Legacy of Cloth' in the Soeterjin theatre at the Tropenmuseum on 15 May 2009

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Sandra Niessen - 2009 events:

Mar 25

Launch of the book, which I edited: Rita Bolland (1919-2006): Curator of Textiles, published by KIT Publishers, at an intimate event in the Tropenmuseum when the first copy was presented to Rita's brother Hans.

May 15 Launch of Legacy in cloth: Batak textiles of Indonesia in the private Soeterjin theatre, in the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam. See photos of the launch and a write up of the event in the June 09 edition of Asian Textiles, the magazine of the Oxford Asian Textiles Group.
May 31

Every year there is a great celebration of Indonesian culture in The Hague, Netherlands. Formerly known as the Pasar Malam Besar, and now as the Tongtong Fair, it is a remarkable event with hundreds of stands of every kind from food to books. I presented Legacy in cloth: Batak textiles of Indonesia in an intimate room in their lecture tent and afterwards signed copies of my book. The title of my lecture was Geweven Erfgoed: Verrassende textiel van de Batak / Woven Heritage: The extraordinary textiles of the Batak. I was very grateful for the local colour provided by Paul Hutagalung’s dance group, SiRoNauli.

Sep 10

Roundtable talk for the Fowler Textile Council, Fowler Museum, UCLA, Los Angeles entitled Seeing Batak textiles through the eyes of the weaver.

Precis: "A Batak weaver once told me that she strove to make textiles that were rumit. By this she was referring to complexity. Design themes may be repeated throughout the textiles in different technical media: ikat, supplementary warp and weft, and twining. The more finely and artfully complex the textile, the more she admired it. In this talk, I introduced some design themes and showed how they are expressed in different Batak textile types. Afterwards, we will examined different pieces in the Fowler Museum collection to see which themes were present.”
Sep 12

Lecture for the Textile Museum Associates of Southern California (TMA/SC) entitled, Textiles of Sumatra, Indonesia: Reviewing the Repertory

Batak weavers make more than 100 clearly-defined “design types”.  Scholars such as Mattiebelle Gittinger and Robyn Maxwell have claimed that traditional Batak textiles exhibit some of the earliest design and technical themes found in the Indonesian archipelago. In this talk, I explained how the textiles are made up of layers of influences that have reached the Batak during the past two millennia. The tradition is changing rapidly. Modern textile developments represent much loss but also some interesting gain. I proposed ways in which my new publication, Legacy in Cloth, might influence the future of this once-vibrant, ancient tradition that is now undeniably in decline.
Sep 14

Lecture for SF Bay Area Rug Society (SFBARS) entitled Textiles of Sumatra, Indonesia: Reviewing the Repertory.

Precis: as TMA/SC above
Sep 15

Lecture for the Seattle Textile and Rug Society (STARS), Seattle, Washington, entitled Textiles of Sumatra, Indonesia: Reviewing the Repertory.

Precis: as TMA/SC above
Sep 18 Informal lecture for a Textile History class of Capilano University in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with the theme The Importance of Technique in the study of Batak Textiles.
Sep 26

Lecture for the Calgary Rug Group in the Nickle Arts Museum in Calgary, Alberta, Canada entitled Textiles of Sumatra, Indonesia: Reviewing the Repertory.

Precis: as TMA/SC above
Oct 30 Lecture at the Amsterdam Tribal Art Fair 2009 entitled, Bataktextiel, een kunsttraditie als geen andere.
Nov 4 Lecture in Asia House London, as part of Asian Art in London 2009, entitled Legacy in Cloth: Batak Textiles of Indonesia
Nov 24 Presentation of Rita Bolland (1919-2006): Curator of Textiles, to Felixoord, the home where Rita spent her last years.