Sandra Niessen presenting Legacy in cloth to Consul General Sinambela of Indonesia on his visit, with his wife, to the San Francisco Tribal and Textile Arts show.

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Sandra Niessen - news - early 2010

January 14: I presented a lecture to the Soroptimists of Arnhem. Their annual theme is 'Verborgen Schatten, 80 jaar vakvrouwschap' / "Hidden treasures, 80 years of professional women's skills" in connection with the celebration of their 80th year of existence. They wanted to have the lecture presented in the same building as their special exhibition of weavings by Rita Kok (wife of Wim Kok, former Prime Minister of The Netherlands). I entitled my lecture "Vakvrouwschap bij de Batak / Batak Women's skills" and stressed the importance of weaving skills and weavings as a domain of specialized women's knowledge. Because Rita Kok's weavings highlight textile structure as design, it was easy to integrate the special quality of her marvellous work in my talk.

It was very enjoyable to me to be present with this group of talented and creative women from all walks of life. They thoroughly supported my plan to bring my book back to Indonesia to present it to weavers, and we look forward to future contact with each other to work out some concrete plans.
January 24: I presented the Hemelseberg Rede to the local chapter of the Green party (Groenlinks) at the Westerbouwing in Oosterbeek. The party wanted to draw attention to the need to develop policy and plans for the estates in the municipality of Renkum. I was invited to deliver this Heavenly Mountain Address because of my involvement with a thinktank for the estates. Because the Heavenly Mountain is the name for the estate formerly owned by the writer and maecenas, Jan Kneppelhout (pen name Klikspaan), I dared to come as his wife Ursula van Braam (1825 - 1915). I dressed in clothing from the turn of the 20th century and presented a slide lecture largely bemoaning the loss of so many beautiful mansions, villas, and estate homes, largely due to the Battle of Arnhem, and stressed the need to develop a single overall plan for the estates, rather than approach each in a piecemeal fashion.

January 25: just before my departure to the San Francisco fairs, I submitted the completed text on the Gardener's House to the book designer.

February 9: Introduction to the beauty of Batak Textiles - Lecture delivered to the Textile Arts Council of the De Young Museum of San Francisco, held at the Krimsa Gallery on Union Street. I chose to explore some preconceptions that Westerners have about non-Western textiles, using my own confusions during fieldwork as funny illustrations. Throughout the lecture, I asked my audience to think about questions pertaining to sustainability of the indigenous weaving arts. Afterwards there was an opportunity to purchase Legacy in cloth.

Photo impressions of the San Francisco Arts of the Pacfic Asia and Tribal & Textile Arts shows (Feb 4-7 and Feb 11-14 respectively).  For comment, see my February blogs.


to photogallery of Legacy promotion in San Francisco Feb 2010

Photos of the promotion of Legacy at the February 2010 Arts of Pacific Asia and the Tribal Arts and Textiles shows in San Francisco. (Feb 4-7 and Feb 11-14 respectively).  For comment, see my February blogs.

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