a. Wetting the web. Ompu Sihol stroked the freshly woven web with water every 5 to 10 cm using a small brush made of the neck bristles of the pig.

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Sandra Niessen - collection for sale

List of Batak weaving equipment included in collection for sale



Ompu Sihol’s Warping Beam A Base

Centre peg  warping beam A

Outer peg warping beam A

Outer peg warping beam  A




Warping Beam B: From elderly woman in Medan who no longer needed it


Centre Peg warping Beam B


Outer Peg Warping Beam B


Outer Peg Warping Beam B



Small dye pot

Large dye pot

Balbal – beating stick

Stir-stick for dye

Indigo dye substrate in glass jar

Half Coconut shell – used as dipper



Ompu SiSihol’s knife used to cut yarn while weaving



Na bara yarn

Ompu SiSihol’s drop spindle (ordong)

Knife for cutting indigo plant (also used for rice); Foto of Ompu SiSihol’s granddaughter cutting salaon

Undyed white yarn,

One sangkut yarn (na bara) diringgat (ordered) (The plastic rope keeps the red yarn in order.)


White ikat in black-dyed yarn



Undyed yarn, ikat-tied

Red yarn (na bara)




Fine cotton yarn used for weaving modern textiles in the Silindung Valley 1986.  Range of available colours.




Black yarn



Swift A (pangulhulan) base; foto of Ompu Sihol demonstrating its use.

Wings Swift A

Old can – attached to the swift. Ompu Sihol used it to place her ball of yarn in it when she was interrupted in her work.



Swift B(pangulhulan)
From Silalahi; Foto of user – mother of Kepala Desa Silalahi

Wing 1 of 4 of swift

Wing 2 of 4 of swift

Wing 3 of 4 of swift

Wing 4 of 4 of swift



Swift C (pangulhulan) from Muara (SouthWest Bank of Lake Toba)

Wing 1 (of 2) Swift C

Wing 2 (of 2) Swift C



Swift D (if it can be called such, because it doesn’t turn)
- old -  from Ompu SiSihol
1 tripod of two

Swift D 2nd tripod of two

Swift D 1 bamboo pipe of two

Swift D 2nd bamboo pipe of two



Swift E Wooden base

Swift E One arm of two

Swift E Second arm of two



Hulhul – small ball of fabric used for the centre of a ball of yarn



Reel A: foto of Ompu SiSihol singing while using it.


Reel B: Made in Simanindo (Northern tip Samosir Island) by request S. Niessen, never used. Amang Adir



Ompu SiSihol’s Starching brush, Unggas – made in Nainggolan

Ompu SiSihol’s loom (on which I took lessons from her) with finished ragi hotang

Upright poles on which the warp beam of the loom hangs when in use

Sitadoan – bar against which the weaver pushes with her feet as she weaves

Mat – which Ompu SiSihol sat on while weaving

Bench – for resting weaving implements while weaving – to the right of the loom

Bamboo poles on which the loom rests when the weaver is not working (so that it doesn’t touch the ground); see foto

Backstrap – wooden yoke fastened behind the weaver’s back




Yarn for Ragi Hotang


Hait benang




Bonang 100



Simalungun weft bobbin



Two, carved, bamboo weft-holders

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