Sandra Niessen photographed during early Batak research and shown in Woven Worlds at the Tropenmuseum

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Sandra Niessen - projects

Since becoming freelance in 2003 and moving to the Netherlands, I have been involved in several projects, detailed information on which may be accessed via the links to the left.

Management of the publication of Legacy in cloth: Batak textiles of Indonesia (568 pages, and more than 800 photographs) has been my most significant project during the last several years.

The thread of my thirty years of study of the Batak cultures of North Sumatra, Indonesia, especially their weaving arts, links Legacy, the 2006 exhibition Woven Worlds / Wereld van Weefsels at the Tropenmuseum, Rita Bolland a former Curator of Textiles at that museum whose influence and guidance was key from 1980 to the direction of my research, and my dream of back to the villages when I return to the Batak villages bearing armloads of the Indonesian edition of Legacy and present one to each weaver who helped me with my research.

In my spare time I have been exploring my origins in The Netherlands and local Dutch history from which the multi-faceted project focused on The Gardener's House has developed.

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